Next Generation

Guyana is the Education Nation

Guyana Social Enterprise (GSE) thinks that education by its very nature and purpose is social for the creation of the next generation of workers (all levels) for the overall development of Guyana. For the GSE platform, Education as an Enterprise (EaaE) in application and delivery. While being a strong advocate of the traditional chronological track of education of early childhood (Nursery) to University level, GSE as a social enterprise sees Education as having multidimensional and life long tracks. Similarly, the education of the population is no longer needs to be limited to time and place but because of technology like Cloud Computing, like the GSE Platform, education can be given and taken at any time of the day and to and from any place on earth. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Enterprising Education

Next Generation

The students of today are tomorrow’s next generation of workers. One of the directions as social entrepreneurship, supported special project sand programs, is the education of children. In addition, to be recognized as the only Cooperative Republic in the world, Guyana must know globally as the education nation Our goal is to develop and implement modern teaching methodologies like distance learning technology that is not only adaptive to the accepted means of learning for the children but also suitable for the needs of the 21st century in Guyana.
The GSE Platform provides for the attractive and balanced teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to children from an early age which would be able to provide the opportunity to fill the labor market of the future with the necessary skills and competence related to STEM.
We have several delivery methods of the STEM training programs through the GSE Platform. In order to become an education nation, Guyana must first become a fully literate nation, like our CARICOM counterpart Barbados that is often recognized as one of the most literate countries on earth. We, therefore, will be embarking on a significant initiative to educate ALL GUYANESE IN PLACE with adult education programs delivered to their computer, tablets and cell phones in the privacy of their homes.

Innovating Change

The GSE Platform represents a HUB for social entrepreneurial innovation with an online training program targeted at application and design oriented to changing and improving the environment in which we live. Innovation training and design thinking is a novel methodology that is designed to capture and implement ideas that are relevant to the participant’s specific environment of Guyana. Working with institutions like The Critchlow Labour College and The Winslow G. Carrington Foundation in Guyana, GSE is developing content and teaching approach for innovation that is supported by our e-learning and mobile applications on the Platform.

Employment & Skills Training

The GSE platform will be transformed into a delivery mechanism for as-needed training for the next generation of workers in Guyana. With enhanced internet connectivity capabilities at key institutions like The Critchlow Labour College, GSE will be able to deliver “distance learning” or e-learning classes from almost anywhere on the globe to students’ customers a reason to do business with you.