Guyana A Social Enterprise Country

Guyana Social Enterprise (GSE) is a platform for social and cohesive development of Guyana. According to Deloitte, we are witnessing a seismic change in the workforce and a rapid conjunctive rise in the popularity of the Social Enterprise. However, Social Enterprise not a new phenomenon as it has been in existence as a business model since the early 1970s.

The concept of the social enterprise first emerged in England during the Labour Government headed by then Prime Minister Harold Wilson in the social democratic environment of the United Kingdom. Guyana, having proclaimed itself as the first and only Cooperative Republic in the world on February 23rd, 1970, can be seen as one of the first entities to embrace Social Entrepreneurship fully....The tenancy of a social enterprise is for there to be the existence of a robust business enterprise, and Guyana then and now, lacked a robust private sector. Of the top ten "corporations" in Guyana of 100 or more employees, in the following order of Bank of Guyana, Banks DIH, Guyana Broadcasting Corporation, Guyana Chronicle, Guyana Power Light, Guyana Sugar Corporation, Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), Kaieteur News, only Banks DIH could be considered a significant business enterprise. Most of the Cooperatives or Coops and supporting agencies formed in Guyana in the almost 50 years in the existence of the Republic are governmental or quasi-governmental. The central question is, why would social entrepreneurship be more successful and widely applied as a model for the development of not just a corporation but the entire country of Guyana. GSE represents the engine for change in the social entrepreneurial success of Guyana because the business model represents a change in the consolidation of the economy of scale, collaboration, and social cohesion. The fundamentals of a social entrepreneurial society in Guyana with the pronouncement of a Cooperative Republic almost fifty years ago. The fundamentals of having an equal share where the motto of The Republic is to "Make The Small Man (Ordinary), A Real (Successful) Man. Until recent years, As we have seen that more business corporations are moving away from the single model assessment of success based on financial performance, or even the quality of their products or services. The intensity is now growing for corporation leaders to combine economic, social, and political issues in developing more human-focused organizations. Guyana Social Enterprise (GSE) is using those fundamentals in combination with technology to achieving the same level of success for an entire nation. Through Social Entrepreneurship, Guyana has the fundamentals in place to achieve the same level of success, only for an entire nation, rather than a single corporate body. The Guyana Social Enterprise (GSE) is a collaborative hybrid platform of a for-profit business, cooperatives, nonprofits, and charities that provide for a broad range of solutions, all working for one central objective that is the socially cohesive development of Guyana. For Guyana, the foundation for social cohesion was planted back on May 26th, 1966, Independence Day, with the motto of "One People, One Nation, One Destiny". What brings these fundamentals to fruition for Guyana is the explosive growth of technology and social media. Technology is representative of the greatest equalizer for Guyana and other developing nations in the 21st Century. The combination of mobile technology (cell phones), Social Media, and Cloud Computing represents the vital elements in the creation of a socially cohesive, equal, and collaborative platform that is Guyana Social Enterprise. GSE - MAKING A NATIONAL DIFFERENCE Guyana Social Enterprise is a conglomerate of several organizations working in a collaborative platform of shared human and material resources. All of the member organizations and professionals associated with Guyana Social Enterprise on a contractual basis, which means that they operate at will. We believe that all Guyanese, locally and in the diaspora should have an ownership stake Guyana and GSE, Our hybrid conglomerate organizational structure of for-profit, nonprofit, cooperatives and charity subsets are broken into several tiers of membership. The first tier of membership to GSE is General and is open to all with a small DONATION. The Tier One gets individual members of GSE onto the social media portion of the PLATFORM where they will be able to track the progress of the organization and the projects that the GSE conglomerated members are working on significant projects. Tier One members can move into a more participation Tier Two-mode by joining various community-based organizations like cooperatives or charities, and/or, direct donations or investments into those organizations through GSE. Guyana Social Enterprise is building an international team of enterprising social professionals that are: project managers, developers, proposal and grant writers, sales and marketing, engineering, and business development managers. The GSE professional is Partners that work on a project by project basis or based on Gigs. The explosion for the social enterprise business model of the last decade parallels the global growth of the gig economy and professionals. Another convergence and facilitator of international professional 'gigers" over the last decade is the cloud computing platform and, more specifically, Software as a Service (SaaS) and App development for mobile communication. The convergence of global human resources and technological developments are the central drivers in the successful GSE collaborative platform. As the CEO and Founder of GSE, Gilbert Carrington is representative of the current generation of working professionals. As a multi-tasking entrepreneurial and enterprising professional, Carrington held Sales and Marketing management positions for several Fortune 500 companies. At the same time owning and managing retail and eCommerce businesses that employed up to 15 contractors over fifteen years. As a real-world practitioner of the GIG Economy, Carrington has worked in several IT gigs as a Systems Analyst, Web Design, Market Branding Campaigns, Ride-sharing, and more. However, it is Mr. Carrington's education and training that has been the foundation of his introduction to social entrepreneurship. Educated at Howard University with undergraduate and graduate degrees, the institute of higher learning has always taken on a philosophy of giving back to society, which is the primary tenant of social entrepreneurship. As a professional school in policy development and implementation combined with practical knowledge of collaborative platform solution, makes Mr. Carrington uniquely qualified as a social repreneur social leader dedicated to Guyana, the land of his birth.

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The top five nations where the Social Enterprise model is experiencing the highest level of growth are the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Singapore, and Israel, in that specific order. Of all nations of the world, Guyana as The Cooperative Republic is the only one established with a foundation of social entrepreneurship. Guyana is a resource-rich developing nation that can become a shining example of the social enterprise revolution. Guyana is essentially a blank slate and GSE represents he “chalk”. We call on call on the ever-expanding network of social entrepreneurship alliance, partners and suppliers to join us.

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