Guyana Social Enterprise (GSE)

GSE is a hybrid social entrepreneurial organization teaming charitable, non-profits, for-profit, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Cooperatives under one umbrella. Wherever you sit in the organizational spectrum, your giving will make a difference in the lives of all Guyanese, community by community. Together, we can transform Guyana into a model state for new economic development.

Giving Back

Your minor gift helps to provide lunch to twenty students at two of the community-based schools sponsored by The Winslow G. Carrington Foundation, or the funding of computers and books for the classroom in his name at The Critchlow Labour College. A small $5 gift can help in the funding of the bi-monthly community-based newsletter Campbellville Voice.

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Making A Difference

In today’s rapidly changing technological environment, the youth of Guyana must stay up-to-date with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Your generous gift will help to support our community-based STEM after school program at the facilities of The Winslow G. Carrington Foundation in Campbellville, and later to other communities around Guyana. For your generous giving, you will be receiving a specially designed tee-shirt emblazoned with the STEM logo. You may also visit us online for more Guyana related items.

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