Guyana Social Enterprise Platform

Guyana's LeapFrogging Social Enterprise Developer

GSE is calling on all Guyanese and social entrepreneurs to join us in the collective development of Guyana. Our cloud-based platform allows us to get human and material resources worldwide working with us.


Collaboration is the foundation of the Guyana Social Enterprise platform. We have chosen a platform in @workplace By Facebook because the format is mostly familiar to over 2 billion users of Facebook worldwide. We are advocating that ALL Guyanese at home and in the diaspora world join in for FREE on the @workplace portion of the GSE platform. In the interest of anonymity and uniformity, you can join with a FREE new Gmail account, preferably with a format of or you may use one of your current email addresses.

Workplace by Facebook Aims to Connect the Global Workforce
With clients from Starbucks to Delta Airlines, the worker collaboration platform has Facebook’s mandate to make the world more connected in its DNA.

If you spend most of your workday sitting at a desk in front of a computer, chances are you use a variety of tools and platforms to communicate with your colleagues, managers and clients. But what if you don’t ever sit down, much less have access to a computer, for the tasks you need to accomplish? That’s the case for about 24 million workers in the U.S. alone — who range from bank tellers to restaurant servers and flight attendants to retail cashiers — according to data from the Institute for Corporate Productivity and the Aspen Institute’s Upskill America.

A multi-industry tool, with clients from Starbucks to Spotify

Workplace originated as an internal tool for Facebook employees, but was broadened to serve the needs of companies who had both knowledge workers (those who have access to computers) and their frontline counterparts. The platform now has customers in nearly every industry, including Walmart, Starbucks, Spotify, WW, AstraZeneca and Deliveroo, and recently announced a batch of new features to further assist its rapidly growing customer base.

Workplace operates completely independently of Facebook — you can’t access it through your existing profile, you need a separate work login and there is no crossover. However, the social network’s familiar blue design remains, as do features like chat, video calling, posts and groups. This is intentional, as most people, regardless of the kind of work they do, understand how to use Facebook, so the learning curve isn’t steep.

Workplace has managed to grow despite the long shadow of its parent, based on the strength of its features. At Delta Airlines, for example, all 80,000 employees worldwide have had access to Workplace since last year. Catherine Simmons, who oversees employee communications channel strategy and internal social media at Delta, told CO— that the company uses it for broadcasting information to Delta employees worldwide and to specific, targeted groups; to allow for two-way communication and recognition among peers and leaders; as a collaboration tool to allow teams to form working groups; and as a chat tool, where employees are able to direct message or voice/video call coworkers through their desktop or Workplace Chat.

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Facebook itself had been using a version of @workplace internally since 2011

News Feed: The News Feed is a scrolling stream of posts[4] that uses Facebook’s machine learning algorithms to keep people up to date with relevant company announcements.

Groups: Groups are shared collaboration spaces[5] where people can upload documents, leave comments, manage projects, and get work done with colleagues.

Multi-Company Collaboration: Workplace enables people to collaborate with external teams, partners or suppliers from within their Workplace account using secure and private groups, chats, and video calls.

Workplace Chat: Workplace Chat is an instant messaging tool that allows text, voice calls or video conferencing[6] with up to 50 colleagues.

Live Video: Live Video enables users to broadcast live directly from their mobile[7] and receive real-time feedback in the form of comments and reactions.

Auto Translate: Auto Translate uses the same machine learning technology that serves up 4.5 billion translations every day on Facebook to provide one-click translations[8] in 46 languages.

Teamwork & Communication

The GSE business model is all about economies of scales and scalability, and Microsoft 365 proves all of those elements and more. GSE platform needs the scalability to facilitate one of the largest global enterprises, and Microsoft 365 provides the platform for us to achieve our goals. The Microsoft operating system Windows was universal over twenty-five years ago, as is facebook is today. Therefore, the interface for most of our partners to the GSE Windows 365 cloud-based platform would be seamless. Microsoft 365 provides a comprehensive intelligent solution that facilitates creativity and for everyone within the enterprise to work together securely. As a hybrid social enterprise organization, we anticipate the GSE platform various organizational types, from non-profit to governmental agencies, each with specific requirements.