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The GSE is one big interconnected and collaborative platform that teams suppliers, buyers, producers and associated professionals with one purpose of social and cohesive development of Guyana. So, there’s much to see here. We suggest that you take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you that you are able to connect the dots to ONE platform, and that our focus is not desperate. The puzzle of a social enterprise is complex because of the value proposition not consistently being financial rewards in exchange for participation; however, we do hope that you follow along with us and you would take a moment to drop us a line at GSE is interested in your social enterprising ideas, and we will work to support its development to fruition with any and all available resources.

GSE Mobile App - Connecting Guyana to The World


GSE Mobile App

The Guyana Social Enterprise that connects the world to our platform is a state-of-the-art Mobile App for Health & Wellness, Education, Agriculture, Environment and Energy. Of the world’s 7 billion population, it is now projected that 1 in 4 persons will be the owner of a smartphone by the year 2020, and over fifty percent of the Guyanese population owns a smartphone. The GSE Mobile App is designed to deliver valuable business news and information literally at the fingertips of most Guyanese and the fans of Guyana. From the GSE Mobile App, we will be able to deliver, news, information and even entertainment.

Health & Wellness

The Health and Wellness component of The GSE Mobile App covers emergency response with a 911 masked Red Button to call or text alerts to the EMS system. Users will be able to upload pictures from the scene of the incident which will help the first responders in finding the location faster. The GuyTeleMedic component of our mobile app consists of GSE partner board-certified medical physicians and therapists who have joined our platform for the positive social impact that they can have on the society at large. The board-certified physicians can treat non-emergency medical issues such as cold or flu, upper respiratory infection, back pain or heartburn. There is other freeware like Microsoft HealthVault which keeps user’s medical records safe and up-to-date that can be securely shared with trusted healthcare professionals will be incorporated into the app. Although the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPPA) is a USA based legal requirement for the security and privacy handling of patients data, the GSE cloud-based platform that interfaces with the mobile app is fully HIPPA compliant.


The educational section of the GSE Mobile App is a significant driver of our social entrepreneurial output. The GSE Educational Mobile App is broken into several categories including pre-recorded relevant courses. The users of this section of the mobile app will be able to tap into webinars residing in the GSE cloud-based platform. Our mobile App one of training education that Guyanese of all age categories constantly learning new skills and development. GSE is in negotiations with entities like Khan Academy for the delivery of mathematics lessons to the children of Guyana.


The AgriBiz component of the GSE Mobile App is the place where the relevancy of Supply Chain Management is best applicable. This component of the App will act as an exchange point where small farmers of non-traditional agricultural produce. The users of this segment of the mobile app will be able with buyers and suppliers on The GSE cloud-based platform in a well-defined Supply Chain Management process.


The environment is a key component is the GSE Mobile App because of its overall impact on the social entrepreneurial impact on the Guyanese. Guyana is unique regarding its impact on not only the national but the global environment. In many ways, the environment represents the irony of national development in Guyana because of its global obligation of preservation of the tropical rain forest, while forestry remains a viable source revenue. Guyana is also a mineral-rich country where extraction techniques and methodologies can significantly impact the environment. Yet, Guyana was recently listed as “The #1 Ecotourist Destination in The World”. Through the GSE App, we will provide information on best practices on environmentally prudent mining and extraction techniques, forestry, and reforestation, as well as, information on ecologically constructed tracts and roadways that provides access to ecotourist sites.


A significant percentage of the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) consumer customers have “Pay as You Go” metering, the GSE mobile app propose to have individual metering information embedded into the app, and the ability to purchase additional credits and monitor usage.

The energy section of the app also seeks to keep all Guyanese informed on the new oil and gas sector with update on the markets, environmental impact or new discoveries.


Organizations & Social Enterprising Sectors

Non Profits and NGOs

Focused on education and training of the next generation of Guyana workers, The Winslow G. Carrington Foundation will be conducting training classes consistent with the STEM Guyana programs with outreach in robotics for children ages 10 to 15 years. The Foundation will have a curriculum on Innovation for the age of 15 to 18 age group. The Innovation program will have a practicum component to the training as the students will be tasked with going into their communities on making improvements.

Coops & Small Business Development

Carri’s brand was established indifference to one of the first social entrepreneurs of Guyana Winslow G. Carrington. Carrington epitomized the central tenants of the Cooperative Republic Republic of Guyana, where “The Small Man is A Real Man.” Carri, as Winslow Carrington was affectionately known, elevated himself by the “bootstraps” through the labor movement in the ’50s and ’60s while at the same time being involved in several small business ventures.

Even in those early years, Carrington had a philosophical approach to business that was socially entrepreneurial. The foundation of that philosophy was one of self help. Our goal is to lead by example, so we are using the Carri’s Brand with qualities of Honest, Visionary and Inspirational to develop businesses and solutions in a social entrepreneurial context.

Education as an Enterprise

The Critchlow Labour College is a strategic GSE partner in our Education as an Enterprise (EaaE) toolbox. Naturally, Education by its very nature is Social. GSE sees The Critchlow Labour College, The Carnegie School of Home and The Guyana Technical Institute as social enterprising institutions in the development of Guyana. GSE through its technological platform develops curriculum in collaboration an IT partner like CompTia to delivery classes delivered by certified trainers via the platform. Similarly, we envision Critchlow working with our solar panel partners on the training of installation technicians, all with the socially enterprising benefit of employment creation.


Job Creation

Carri’s Cafe is gathering place and food operation in Campbellville,Georgetown Guyana at the building of one of the country’s Original Social Entrepreneur (OSE) Winslow G. Carrington. With a Cafe, a Carry Out unit and the Winslow G. Carrington Foundation shared office also functions as the de facto Headquarters of Guyana Social Enterprise and a Hub for Social Entrepreneurship in all of Guyana. The GSE Hub in Campbellville is being transformed into a place for Good Food, Beverages, Catering, Books, Stage, Arts, Internet, and Services. Carri’s Cafe and Carry-Out offers fresh and locally available foods and produce. Part of the social enterprising aspects of Carri’s Cafe and Carry Out is that the food is fresh and local, affordable, approachable with healthy choices. Most importantly, Carri’s Cafe and Carry Out will be employing a minimum of 12 individuals from the community. We envision that our Carri’s food services brand will provide several apprenticeships from culinary schools in Guyana like Carnegie School of Home Economics.

Community-Based Biz Development

Carri’s Construction is a small business that is being developed from the core of skilled carpenters, masons, painter,plumbers, and electricians that are currently involved electricians in the renovation and building of the GSE Headquarters in Georgetown Guyana. Our overarching goal is to create jobs for members of the community.

Community-Based Awareness


Campbellville Voice (CV) is one of the social entrepreneurial projects of GSE,and it is a bi-monthly community-based newsletter. GSE is establishing Campbellville Voice newsletter as a template for what we see as a Village Voice newsletter for every community in Guyana. Our vision is one that would have the village newsletter mirrored with an online Facebook Community that will encourage interactive participation from members in the village or town but particularly those in the diaspora. We selected Campbellville as a template for the bi-monthly newsletter ‘franchise’, not because it is the location of the global Headquarters of Guyana Social Enterprise. But Campbellville is unique in many of its characteristics of villages in Guyana. Campbellville is reflective of Guyana with a multi-ethnic population composition, and It is a little urban, suburban and rural. Campbellville has some of the infrastructural elements required in the building of a cohesive community. Some of those currently include a health center, fire fighting station, and community center (CampTown). GSE will be working on the enhancements and improvements of the existing infrastructure. For example, we may be advocating for the construction of a community-based and publically accessible swimming pool around the site of CampTown. We may support through The Campbellville Voice that a smaller police outpost colocated in a section of the building that houses the EMS and firefighters.

We envision a vibrant and energetic bi-monthly newsletter in Campbellville Voice that goes out into the community and visits with the elderly and reports on their take about the history of the village. We will have students from the schools in the village in possible writing or journalistic contest reporting on issues in the village. We are dedicating a section of the newsletter to the marketing of local business that advertises for a fee with an expressed percentage of proceeds from coupon sales, for example, going support community-based projects. Similarly, the Campbellville Voice Facebook community page will have a donation button where those in the diaspora can make a small contribution to specific projects, and they can see the progress thereof. We will be announcing deaths and optionally births in the village.

GSE Solar Entrepreneur Program

Support Solar Entrepreneur Development in Guyana

There’s much to see here. So, join us in the development of the GSE Solar Entrepreneurs in Guyana. Look around and learn all there is to know about us. Please click on the SUPPORT button to learn more about what we are doing on the Solar Entrepreneur program, and remember that any online purchase of the off-grid solar applications will help in the development of the program in Guyana. Please, browse our online store for items under the keyword Guysoprise and take a moment to purchase one of our custom designs.

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There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our information on this noble solar entrepreneurial goal and take a moment to drop us a line.

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