Public/private/social Entrepreneur Development Partners


The foundational qualities of Guyana Social Enterprise (GSE) are partnership and collaboration. GSE is committed to finding partners in the private sector worldwide that will work with the people of Guyana and us in a cohesive developmental model. However, as typical in most emerging countries, many of the major sectors like energy, housing, or agriculture, are controlled or subsidized by the government or public sector.The Public-Private-Partnership or PPPs are not a new or novel concept, nor are they limited to emerging countries as many of the social-democratic European states with the majority state ownership in specific sectors have been pushing for re-privatization. While during the “Great Recession” that started 2008 in the USA, the government embarked on one of the most significant PPPs of all time with the bailout of the auto industry, all be it temporary, literally saving the industry and bring the nation back from the brink of a depression. The rising level of social consciousness in business has given a new element to the Public-Private-Partnership, and that is Social or PPSP. GSE is more specific, and we see a logical raise in the Public-Private-Social-Entrepreneur-Partnership (PPSEP), a longer acronym but distinct in the context of the emerging economies of the world. As Social Entrepreneurship emerges as a separate model, then the Private component of the model can be eliminated for the Public-Social Entrepreneur-Partnership (PSEP). The PSEP model is arguably the best for the emerging economies of the world because of the removal of the straight Profit motive of the Private investment. For most of those economies, the government or Public is the largest employer in many of the key sectors like Agriculture, Housing, and Healthcare. Still, the centralized, top-down model has not proven to be the best or most efficient delivery methodology. Global markets are now more competitive with efficiency tools like Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relations Management (CRM) processes, and inefficient state-run agencies are no longer competitive. Many governments have to maintain and subsidize many of the state-run agencies to large segments of the population employed, but it eventually proves to be unsustainable. Many of the state-run agencies in these emerging economies are “too big to fail,” they may also be too big to be exclusively privatized or be part of a PPP. A PSEP may be the alternative that injects the efficiencies required by giving workers an ownership stake in the formation of cooperatives that work in partnership with the state.

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The foundation of Guyana Social Enterprise (GSE) is based on partnership and collaboration. GSE is committed to finding partners we and the people of Guyana There’s much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Education & Training

Guyana lacks the body of human resources required for a growing Information(IT) infrastructure. It is not only the lack of trained and certified IT personnel that is challenging but the limited number of certified IT trainers that provide the most significant challenge. GSE has partnered with CompTia to deliver a suite of courses in an online format. The online classes with help in the short-run lack of certified trainers.

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Infrastructure & Environment

GEC with its trademarked products of DirtGlue is one of GSE ecological partnersin the development of application solution in the areas of Infrastructure and the Environment for reforestation and mining. Our partner has worked in customizing solutions in the following:
* Dust control
* Sediment control
* Erosion control
* Embankment stabilization
* Sto

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GSE, in collaboration with our solar partners d.light is recruiting Solar Entrepreneurs(SE) in Guyana. Our SEs will benefit from selling and distributing solar energy solutions to households and small businesses in their communities. GSE Solar Entrepreneur is helping in the mitigation of the rolling blackouts experienced by most Guyane

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