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This is a list of Guyana Charity Organizations based within the United States, each of these organizations focuses on different needs including community development, education, the environment, health, culture, and business. The list is comprised of the names of each organization, location in the United States, web address and EIN with a blurb for each.Please take a moment to review these Guyana Charity Organizations.


Guyana Charity Organizations

This is a list of Guyana Charity Organizations based within the United States, each of these organizations focuses on different needs including community development, education, the environment, health, culture, and business. The list is comprised of the names of each organization, location in the United States, web address and EIN with a blurb for each.
Please take a moment to review these Guyana Charity Organizations.

Guyana Medical Relief

Los Angeles, CA

EIN 95-4192121

Guyana Medical Relief’s MO St significant activities are focused on supporting medical related needs in Guyana, South America, which includes shipment of medical supplies and improvement of the facilities and services available at the various hospitals.

Greenlight Guyana Educational Project, Inc.

Bronx, NY

EIN 20-5712937

Our mission is to ensure that over 500 children ages 5-12 are given the uniforms, footwear, and school supplies annually so that school attendance is increased and attrition rates are greatly reduced. Additionally, because most parents from the communities of Bagotville, Nismes and LaRetraite in West Bank Demerara, Guyana South America have little or no financial resources to prepare their children for school, we are committed to providing at least one hot meal per day to these students, providing resources for afterschool programs and providing resources for playground maintenance.

Christ Church Secondary School of Guyana Alumni Association, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY

EIN 38-3686420

To assure the stability and continued programs of Christ Church secondary school of Georgetown, Guyana by organizing the alumni in the USA to provide financial and material assistance to the school to provide counsel, guidance and material assistance to Guyanese students in USA.

Blossoms of Guyana

Lanham, MD
EIN 26-4370823

Founded in 2009, Blossoms of Guyana is a 100% volunteer based nonprofit organization chartered in the state of Maryland, USA. Our mission is to provide educational support to public schools and orphanages for children living in Guyana. We accomplish this by providing books, computers, school supplies, and scholarships to help children become self-sufficient and realize their greatest potential.

Heart for Guyana

Bayfield, CO
EIN 76-0830229

The Heart for Guyana volunteer organization was organized in 2005 for the purpose of: promoting missions and projects for “the least of us” in Guyana South America, coordinating teams going to Guyana and being a collection agent for donations for many Christian projects in Guyana.

Guyana Unity Movement, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY
EIN 47-5173834

What started as a vision to unite Guyanese to march in unity for one day has evolved into a fast-growing non-profit organization committed to fostering growth and development in Guyana, and the betterment of Guyanese irrespective of their residence.

Daughters of Guyana, Inc.

Bellerose, NY
EIN 47-5054457

The mission of our organization is to provide support for the underprivileged throughout Guyana. Our current focus is on the elderly population who tend to be in the greatest need of help and are often times neglected. With our help, the families we support can continue to live their lives with a little less hardship than they are currently enduring.

Guyana Lutheran Music Academy

Minneapolis, MN
EIN 46-1506675

The Guyana Lutheran Music Academy offers music classes to adults and children in the afternoon and early evening. Classes are held for a full school year (nine months) with three classes a week and open practice times on Fridays. Students have the opportunity to progress from year-to-year within this program. The school can accommodate up to approximately 140 students learning keyboard, guitar, voice, percussion, violin, woodwinds, or brass instruments.

Guyana Edification Foundation, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY
EIN 46-2520550

The mission of GEF is to provide consistent guidance and financial support to enable underprivileged children to realize their respective academic potentials, so as to effectively serve their communities. This is accomplished by carefully defining the duties and responsibilities of the parties involved, through any promulgated rules, policies, and practices of the association.

Guyana Caribbean Islamic Movement

S Richmond Hl, NY
EIN 11-2461922

GCIM is an Islamic Non-Profit Organization whose aim is to promote the teachings and practices of Traditional Islam.

Backpack Guyana, Inc.

Auburn, AL
EIN 81-3516278

Our mission is to share the love of Jesus with children in need around the world by ministering to their spiritual, academic, social, and physical needs.

USA Guyana Humanitarian, Inc.

Queens Vlg, NY
EIN 27-4675221

Fostering social and economic empowerment of underprivileged communities in USA and Guyana.

Guyana Watch, Inc.

S Richmond Hl, NY
EIN 11-3219373

The Guyana Watch Foundation is a charitable organization which seeks to assist members of society by donating necessary supplies and aid to all.

Guyana America Faith Partners

Glen Mills, PA

Guyana American Partners: Supporting Education of Children & Empowerment of Women

EIN 77-0695599

Guyana America Partners Inc. was formed in 2007 with the intent of addressing the critical needs of five schools in rural Guyana and to assist in strengthening the community through empowerment of women. The project was first supported by members of St. Francis in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, in Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA. Drawing upon the connections and abilities of Guyanese expatriates in the United States (and beyond), we have been able to raise over $48,000 USD since our inception to actualize our goals.

Guyana Association of Georgia

Decatur, GA


EIN 58-2041139

To Provide an organized association, willing, disciplined and motivated to serve Guyanese at home, abroad, and the community as a whole.

Guyana Sports Development Foundation, Inc.

Hollywood, FL
EIN 20-8545468

The mission of the Guyana Sports Development Foundation, Inc. is to assist with sports development of Guyanese in and out of Guyana, who are eligible to represent Guyana in a particular sports discipline from the Nursery, College to the Professional level, through the provision of education material, equipment, training and financial support.

Friends & RPCVs of Guyana

Washington, DC


EIN 20-8890806

Friends & RPCVs of Guyana is a non-profit, service-based organization dedicated to supporting education, health, social, economic, cultural and environmental programs in and about Guyana through a network of RPCVs, Guyanese nationals, Guyanese-Americans, and all those interested in the Guyanese Community.

Guyana Relief Council of Florida, Inc.

Lauderhill, FL
EIN 20-8506994

The GRCFL is committed to raising awareness and funds to support the operations of the Guyana Relief Council.

United Group of Guyana, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY
EIN 47-3271325

To improve the economic livelihood of communities in Guyana by preparing them for and bringing jobs to them without regard to race, religion or political affiliation in sustainable, environmentally-friendly ways while working to unite Guyanese everywhere; we are one people, one nation.

Guyana Community Outreach Fund NFP

Chicago, IL
EIN 11-3748656

Guyana Aid Region One, Inc.

Rosedale, NY
EIN 42-1748180

To enable the people of Region One, North West District, Guyana, South America (“Region One”)to help themselves by providing educational, social, and economic assistance. This will be achieved through the donation of time, fundraising drives, and by and all legal means available.

New York Guyana Medical and Humanitarian Mission

New York, NY
EIN 46-1744721

Medical, educational, cultural and charitable work that is conducted in New York, Guyana, Jamaica, and elsewhere on an annual and voluntary basis.

Guyana Friends Association of Massachusetts, Inc.

Wilmington, MA
EIN 04-3286946 is an expression of the culture of Guyanese, their spouses and children residing in Massachusetts. We warmly embrace our kin around the world.

Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY
EIN 11-3624294

The Guyana Cultural Association of New York, Inc. a non-profit 501(c)3 was created in 2001 to document, showcase and celebrate the multiple roots of Guyana’s cultural heritage. Through our work, we preserve, promote and propagate our cultural heritage and make it available through various channels to inspire future generations of Guyanese at home and in the Diaspora.

Health and Educational Relief for Guyana, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY


EIN 31-1719181

Guyana Hope

Clayton, NC
EIN 26-0332694

I believe there are enough financial resources along with gifted talented people that if we would pool them together we could make a tremendous impact in Guyana. When Guyana Hope was “officially” incorporated in 2007 our first donation was $100.00 from a 101-year-old lady in Smithfield, NC. Our second donation was from a Hindu woman in the amount of $300.00. We are thankful for kind, generous individuals and businesses who share vision and burden with us.

Organization for Social and Health Advancement in Guyana

Jamaica, NY
EIN 02-0572103

Our charity foundation works with private individuals, health care professionals and medical organizations in order to bring the much-needed cancer treatment and health services rural tribes need. It is so difficult to access health care in these areas that many patients lose their life to cancer – although their conditions may have been treatable and their survival rates were optimistic. These challenges are faced by the impoverished localities. Because of this, our organization was built so that the loss of life to cancer may be halted and prevented.

Guyana United Youth Development Association of NY, Inc.

Far Rockaway, NY
EIN 20-2876047

Guyana United Youth Development Association (GUYDA) of New York, Inc. is a Not-for-Profit organization that contributes to the social, academic and cultural development to Guyanese youths and youths in the Caribbean.
Your support to our events is extremely appreciated. Your support is the reason GUYDA is able to finance its programs. GUYDA is prepared to manage any program you would finance in keeping its mission.
GUYDA is proud and privileged to recognize their respective and collective contributions in developing youths and hence developing a better society for all.

Scholarship for Advanced Guyanese Education

Los Angeles, CA
EIN 26-2081926

SAGE aims to foster international development through access to education and student empowerment. We identify secondary students with high academic potential but limited financial means and provide these students with university scholarships.

Seeing Eyes-Signing Hands



EIN 37-1605014

Seeing Eyes Signing Hands is a non-profit organization Dedicated to the deaf. We are a Committed org. Foresting education and independence through volunteers and donations.

Jayadevi Arts, Inc.

Plantation, FL
EIN 90-0732624

Jayadevi is a Community-based Multi Arts Organization currently, offering dance classes in Lucknow Kathak, Chutney, Spoken Word, Dholak, Arts & Craft, a Support Group–“Nari” and many events to unite, promote, preserve, and educate Indo-Caribbean Arts and Culture.

Central Islamic Organization of Guyana-USA, Inc.

Orlando, FL
EIN 59-3540242

To provide leadership for the Islamic community of Guyana in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah (Way of life/conduct) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Upon Whom Be Peace) and to meet the spiritual, social, economic and general welfare needs of the society.

Guyana-Jamaica Friendship Association New York, Inc.

Florham Park, NJ


EIN 46-5435665
Rainforest Foundation, Inc.

Brooklyn, NY
EIN 95-1622945

The Rainforest Foundation was founded with a radically new idea:
What if Indigenous people of the rainforest–those intimately connected to their ancestral lands–had the legal right to protect the forests we all depend on?

Guyana Lutheran Music Academy

Minneapolis, MN
EIN 46-1506675

The mission of Guyana Lutheran music academy is to develop and promote multicultural understanding and a global perspective among American educators and Guyanese students by providing a comprehensive and affordable music education through a high-quality music academy located in Guyana, South America.

Remote Area Medical Foundation in Guyana

Huntington, WV
EIN 26-4317293

In Guyana, RAM provides emergency airlifts for those needing medical attention. Our base in Lethem serves as a hub of operations for RAM Rangers who work with local community development and youth at risk.This is a long form text area designed for your content that you can fill up with as many words as your heart desires. You can write articles, long mission statements, company policies, executive profiles, company awards/distinctions, office locations, shareholder reports, whitepapers, media mentions and other pieces of content that don’t fit into a shorter, more succinct space.